Thursday, July 12, 2007

Worst Sports Day Ever

You'd think that professional sports leagues would learn by now. ALWAYS have content and games available for your fans when you can, and ALWAY take advantage of opportunities when other sports drop the ball. The day after the All-Star game has always been the worst sports day of the year. The baseball players are still on break for another day, football training camp is still a month away, no one cares about the NHL anymore (or never did), and if you have any interest in NBA free agency, you're a retard. If you want to watch TV on this horrendous day, the only things on are classic reruns of good TV, crappy reruns of terrible network shows, or awful summer shows that are so bad they will cause cancer and heart disease. Last night, the only watchable programming on TV was Travel Channel's broadcast of the WPT Poker Invitational, and South Park reruns on Comedy Central. Oh yeah, for those 3 people who wanted to watch the movie Species with commercials and without a nude Natasha Henstridge, you could have turned to TNT. Excellente!!!!

The only real sports broadcast on TV last night was ESPN's coverage of the AAA Baseball All-Star Game. While I follow minor league baseball, is there any point to this game? The real All-Star Game is already BS because the players and managers don't try (see this post for further details). Why would anyone other than a baseball dork like me want to watch the AAA game? 95% of the players who will be stars are already in the majors. What's more, there is even less incentive for the players or managers to try to win or entertain. In today's media environment, you either broadcast and provide content, or you perish. There is no offseason and there are no days off. People consume sports as entertainment. It is unconscionable for the major sports to continue to drop the ball (pardon the pun) every year. The baseball all-star break is part of their season, but this schedule is announced well in advance. Surely the other major sports should take advantage of this one day to grab the attention away. Why couldn't the NBA or NHL have their drafts on this night each year? Maybe even baseball could get over itself and hold its telecast of the amateur entry draft during that open time. Maybe the NFL wants to expand its dominance with a special broadcast or even the draft. Worst case, the ever-crappy ESPN could attempt to fill the void with their over-the-top, idiotic ESPY Awards Show.

I'm not asking for much here. Give us some form of sports entertainment that is relevant and worth watching. It is irresponsible of the major sports to let this crap go on any longer!


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