Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Very Buggish Bachelor Party, Part II

Part II: The Longest Mini Golf Hole in the World

After a way-too early wakeup call courtesy of my coughing/nose-blowing thanks to a cold (yes, I am a jerk), we had a nice diner breakfast highlighted by my inability to locate the bathroom. Mmm... pancakes and omlettes... Looking for a way to pass the time, the Barking Bachelor suggested we check out Chucksters, a brand new mini golf complex about 30 minutes from Manchvegas.

According to their website, Chucksters is "awesome". The course's claim to fame is hole #13, which they say is the longest mini golf hole in the world at 201 feet. While it was a pretty nice course, I'm not really sure how they managed to come up with "longest mini golf hole in the world" claim. I did a web search and found many several references to Chucksters but not much else in my web travels. Seems pretty convenient that they're making this claim, yet there is minimal evidence to suggest that they are really correct. In fact, I think by advertising this fact, they invite the competition to go out there and top them. The Barking Bachelor, Slappy, Ass Puppet, and I played a full round this past Saturday. During the round, Bug happened to pull the most retarded "rule" ever out of his anus: if you are away (farthest from the hole), you have to hit your ball as it lies, even if there are other balls in the way. This led to much debate and even worse putting from the lot of us. I have never encountered this rule before, and I think it is pure BS. I don't think it really affected my score much, but calling Bug out on his stupid rules is thanks enough. End result: Slappy kicked all of our butts with a score of 60 (par of 41).


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Barking Bug said...

I learned that rule from Frigs. It must be legit.

At 1:42 PM, Blogger Email Demon said...

Just because Frigs says it is true, it doesn't make it idiotic. While I admit it added a challenging aspect to things, it was needlessly complicated and unnecessary in general. No one I know other than you has played that way.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger Barking Bug said...

No part of your statement makes any sense. Reminds me of your side pot argument of the day in question.

You may not like the rule, but it was very much simple... like your mom.

At 2:09 PM, Blogger Email Demon said...

The rule complicated everything, but it did make for some interesting situations. Case closed.


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